Internet Whitelist Only

Good Afternoon Folks,

I am looking to setup a website filter on a PC, ion essence, I want to block all but a handful of sites - I have managed to create a block all policy, but when I create a second policy to allow things, such as and, the block all takes precedence.

Can anyone assist, or point me to a guide specifically for this?

I am looking to setup a PC for the kids, and in the beginning I just want a whitelist of a few educational sites and trusted sites, and I will build it up from there!



Honestly you would be better off using comodo dome shield for your purposes than using the web-filter in CIS.

I need to be able to restrict it on a per user basis though. If I use the computer, I do not want to be restricted as my children :stuck_out_tongue: this is why I was hoping the web filter would be well used

Hi Jeeb,

We have taken your request, we are working to enhance this featureā€ :-TU