Internet V's Proactive Security


Could someone tell me the difference between “Internet Security” (default) and “Proactive Security”? With CIS3, I used proactive security but both these settings seem similar. Looking at the help file, it seems as it’s still based on CIS3 as there are only 3 security modes now.


The only difference (AFAIK) is that "COMODO Internet Security"configuration got an additional “All Application” Rule that Allow All Outgoing Requests & Block all Incoming Requests.

As far as i can tell, preset rules in firewall (particularly global ones and outside of the “allow all” rule itself) and defense+ are also not the same.

D+ Proactive Security

D+ Internet Security

Application rules - Proactive Security

Application rules - Internet Security

I’ve no idea what happened to the D+ rule for Virtualbox Internet security. I’ve also no idea if there are hidden changes. Nothing else appears to change in the UI.