internet slow-down while using Comodo/Torrent?

I was checking this out, when I have torrent launched, my internet is almost inaccessible, but if I allow comodo to allow all traffic, the torrent works fine, not a router problem since I set the port as 4096… So I am wondering if I am making a mistake in the rules setting?

Hi komugi and Comodo support,

I’m having the same problem as Komugi.

  1. If I have the Comodo firewall ON (v1.4) and uTorrent ON (v1.6), uTorrent works fine.

  2. If I have the Comodo firewall ON (v1.4) and I try browsing with Internet Explorer (v6), IE works fine.

  3. However, if I have the Comodo firewall ON (v1.4) and uTorrent ON (v1.6) AND I try browsing with Internet Explorer 6, IE suddenly goes extremely slow (uTorrent seems unafected). I also noticed that under those conditions, the process iexplore.exe sometimes crash and I have to reboot to get rid of it. Any reason why this slowdown is happening?

Note that under the same conditions (#3), my previous setup with ZoneAlarm Pro was working fine. The reason I tried Comodo is because I was tired of ZA bloated software and wanted to check out Comodo firewall.


Another Brick In The FireWALL

(My setup: Windows XP SP2, Spysweeper 4.5.9, Avast 4.7 Antivirus, hardware firewall with proper opened ports)


Are you getting the green light in your torrent application?

Have you watched for CPU usage with a utility like Process Explorer (from SysInternals), to see where the load is coming from?

And then one comment:

Some users are finding that by turning off Logging in CFP, or changing the LogFile properties to Read Only drops CPU usage dramatically (but only if that usage is coming from CFP, rather than one of the applications). This could make sense while using a p2p application, given all the connections.

If you find that the logs are the culprit, I would make sure that your torrent Network rules are not set to log. Sometimes, even after closing the torrent, apparently the other computers are not notified that you’re gone, and continue to try to create a connection, which can cause a lot of logging to occur based on all the blocks happening.