Internet shuts down from time to time [merged topic]

And again a new problem. This time related to my internet connection. So, from time to time my internet stops working for like few seconds. Then it’s back up again. How do i notice this? Well. My Windows Live Messenger disconnects exactly at the same time my Xfire disconnects. And after few seconds, they reconnect. There are no notifications that my internet is not connected or anything like that. Only that “xfire has been disconnected” and my Messenger turns gray on the downright section of the screen (Where time and other icons are usually located.) Hope you guys understood atleast something from this. But this is truly an irritating problem, since this happens from 5 to 45 minutes since the last disconnection. Virus and antimalware systems say that there are no viruses or malware present currently, soo. Wheres the problem? Is it with my modem or internet connections provider (Sonera), or is there something wrong with my PC. Again.

I have the same exact problem. :frowning: That’s why I can’t use CFP3 on my main PC >:(

Did you “Stealthed your ports” ?

Really? O_o What kind of modem you have? If i am not utterly wrong, i think i have the TW-EA510 v3 ADSl 2+&WLAN 54Mbps from Telewell. That is what it says on sticker below the modem, when i flip it around.
On the top of the modem it says “TW-EA510 ADSL Modem Router Firewall WLAN AP(802.11 b+g)”

Hope this helps to solve the problem, IF it is with my modem. If not, i think i have to go to talk to Sonera?

I have an ASUS router, that I blamed at first. But it appeared the problem has nothing to do with the router. I installed Kaspersky 7 (at that time) and the problem was gone. No constant internet loss. So I don’t know what the problem is, but it has to be CFP3. I would really like to help you and myself but I can’t :-\

Every 5 minutes or so, I Lose my Internet, and did everything to try to get it back, eventually, i uninstalled CFP and the connection went back on, is this occuring because of a WIndows Update? Cause i want to resume using this Very Great Firewall. :smiley:

Hi Ryan ! (:WAV) Welcome to the forums. We have a thread here;msg193364#msg193364 dedicated to this problem, but unfortunetly we can’t figure out what’s wrong and why we keep losing our internet connectivity from time to time (:SAD)

(:WAV) hi Bracca,
errr do you think the problem is CFP3 related problem? ???
i guess the best way to know it is disabling CFP and see if the problem’s still there. 88)

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I have the same problem, and the worst thing is my modem uses PPPoE connection, so when the connection stops, the modem “hang up” and tries to reconnect… but by when it is online again, I am assigned a new IP…

I thought it was a problem of my ISP, or maybe with windows (something corrupt maybe?), but if I am not the only one… I didn’t have this kind of problem before… it started about at the same time when I installed SafeSurf, but since I had other problems that day, I was not thinking it could be related to CFP. Are you using SafeSurf?

Or maybe the whole internet is having problems… it is unlikely to happen, but, except for SafeSurf, I have used CFP for moths, and I didn’t have this problem before… so if it is not safesurf, then I will have to live with the problem…