Internet Shortcuts in Taskbar fail to open

I have a Taskbar problem that I have traced (I believe) to my Comodo Firewall Pro V3 program.

After using Comodo for several days letting it learn and finally putting it into “safe mode” I have a problem when I click on one of the internet shortcut icons in my taskbar. I receive a message: "There was a problem sending the command to the program". I cannot say from where this message is originating from. The shortcut to a specific site will not open, but the IE icon that is also located in the Taskbar will work fine.

The fix for this problem that I have discovered is to remove all the rules that Comodo established in the learning provess. I have been unable to home in on what specific rule is causing the problem. The Taskbar icons then work fine, that is, until new rules are established when Comodo starts the re-learning process again. It’s a “vicious circle” and hopefully someone can direct me to a more permanent fix for this problem.

Thank you!


Hey Terry & Welcome to the Forums!

Have you looked through your logs? And also look here:

  1. Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy
  2. Defense+\Advanced\Defense+ Settings

See if you find any suspicious or anything that’s blocked. Also what other Security Software are you running?


Hi Josh,

Many thanks for your assistance Josh, I really need a mentor here for the Comodo program until I master it.

I have looked in every nook and cranny in my Comodo program as you have suggested…btw, this is a great way to learn more about how Comodo works.

According to your recommendation I opened: Firewall/Advance/Network Security Policy…and…Defense/Advance/Computer Security Policy…plus everywhere else where I though I might find a blocking rule, etc.

Nothing found to be out of place, blocked, or otherwise. The logs, the Network, nor Computer Security reflect anything out of order.

I have no problems at all with other none internet shortcuts, i.e. Winword, other program shortcuts. This problem also extends to internet shortcuts located on my desktop as well as in my taskbar.

I am still successful in temporarily eliminating this problem by going to “Firewall/Advance/Network Security Policy and removing “all the rules”…and…Defense/Advance/Computer Security Policy” and removing all “Application Names”. When these actions are completed everything is back to normal and everything works.

In trying to keep this shortcut problem from reoccurring I will visit each of the above areas (Firewall and Defense) after each message from Comodo to actually see what Comodo is doing on it’s own and with my commands, etc.

Another contributing problem in finding the solution may be the fact that I admittedly overuse my JV16 registry cleaner. I am very careful about what I delete but still it is nice to have another image on my second particon.

I will soldier on with the Comodo program as I like the firewall and I will just have to spend the necessary time needed to master it’s numerous control’s.

Cheer’s back to you,