Internet sharing over Wi-Fi and CIS5.4

I have the following situation.

I have a PC with wired Internet Access (via VPN) and Wifi (not used) I want to share this access with notebook via Wifi (AD-HOC).

I set it up: Allow VPN connection to be shared with wifi, Set up AD-hoc Network, In firewall Global rules allowed Incoming TCP,UDP and ICMP connections from Wi-fi network and Outgoing connections to Wifi network (I suppose those should override any block rules I have in APP section rules).

Now I can connect to AD-hoc network from Notebook, get IP adress and stuff, but can’t access the internet. There is nothing in the logs.

Now if I go to WI-Fi adapter properties and Uncheck “Comodo firewall driver” (or something like that) there, THEN I can use the internet.

Now what am I doing wrong? Since I guess I shouldn’t normally uncheck that driver.