Internet Security installed together with Firewall

I have now been using the Comodo Firewall for about two weeks now, and I just recently noticed that a folder of Internet Security is also installed on my pc although I haven’t installed this package at all. I can not see the installation of the program under Control panel in order to remove it, and I was wondering whether this program is installed along with Firewall and why do I even have this folder. There is already a folder for Comodo Firewall and Dragon.

Can I just delete the folder of Internet Security?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

Hi simon101,

Comodo Firewall is a Component of Comodo Internet Security, the difference being that if you chose the FW only then that is all that installed and active.

Please note: Do not delete the Internet Security folder as this is required even with FW only install.

Thank you for the quick reply. I follow your advice by not deleting the folder.
One other thing, is it possible to also install the Internet Security along with my Avast antivirus?

In most cases running Comodo Firewall with Avast works OK, but you should not add Comodos Antivirus component to your installation while you have Avast Antivirus as your active Antivirus scanner.
Disable any overlapping security functions.
Making other security programs work with CIS