Internet Security Helper Service won't start automatically

Hi all,
Just installed v5.0.32580.1142 but have a weird problem: the “COMODO Internet Security Helper Service” won’t start automatically >:(. When the PC starts, Comodo idicates a very long time that it’s initializing, but after a while it says that the agent is not running.
I’ve looked at the services and see that the “COMODO Internet Security Helper Service” isn’t started, although it’s on Automatic ???. If I start it “by hand” during Comodo’s initializing, it starts fast without a problem and Comodo indicates quickly “All systems are active and running.”.

I’ve tried every cleanup I could find in this forum, so including “Revo Uninstaller”, “CIS Clean-up Tool”, registry cleaning, but no result :'(.

BTW: I’m using XP Pro SP3 with all recent updates on a very old PC (MSI 745 Ultra, AMD Athlon).

Any :-La ideas :-La girls and guys?

Greetings, Rene

Make sure all traces of your previously installed security programs are removed. Use the maker’s removal tools for this purpose. Use Google with the search query removal tool “name of the program”.

i have same problem…
solve the problem fresh now windovs…