Internet Security Essentials - v1.2.419616.79 - BETA

Hi All,
We are pleased to make Internet Security Essentials v1.2.419616.79 - Beta available for your feedback.

Following is the change list:
1) Shortcut added to ‘All Programs’
Now upon installation, you will see “Start–>All Programs–>Comodo–>Internet Security Essentials” shortcut allowing you to see ISE Settings.

2) Certificate based exception:
When alert is shown, user also has option to add untrusted certificate into exception list and thus he will not be alerted for any other site. Typical either you trust or you don’t. So exclusion on website basis results in annoying experience. Please see enclosed example alert.

3) Website Exclusion Removed from Alert:
We have removed adding exception to website from alert, as this again doesn’t help and opens up site against MitM attack as user is not warned for any untrusted certificate. However, if you do have a reason, you can always add a site into exception list for all certificates via Settings, which lets you add exception based on site.

4)Improved updater:
When updates are available, you will see notification as shown in enclosed snap, allowing user to postpone update to some other time.

5) Auto-learning Genuine Non-Standard Trusted Certificate Cases:
Earlier ISE could alert user for certificate installed by genuine application e.g. you may have Adguard installed and that may have installed it’s root certificate for web filtering, ISE still showed alert. Now improvised logic checks if we have Adguard installed or not before deciding to alert for Ad guard related untrusted certificate. So it avoids annoyance / false-alert for some of know security products.

Setup Details:
BETA - Warning:
Following setup is a BETA setup and it is not recommended to test on production machine and it is intended only for beta testers.
So please try at your own risk.

Size: 3.91 MB (4,111,040 bytes)
MD5: 738577EDCF0A65B6A82A101343B75F9D
SHA-1: 764E64E644EAD8C1E4446C47D0715BCF266DACC3

Please share your feedback and suggestions.

Now we have this product having it’s own board, feel free to create wish list items.


thanks Umesh for the share! this certainly looks promissing :slight_smile: i like the design and the colour scheme of these popup alerts very much! keep up the great work comodo , and thanks for constantly developing the product! :smiley:

:-TU :-TU :-TU

When it is open it is always on top. Is that by design or a bug?

How about a tray icon for ISE?

When it is open it is always on top. Is that by design or a bug?
it's by design, same comes up when you click on setting icon from alert.
How about a tray icon for ISE?
It's usage is rare and thus no need of tray icon, there are always too many cluttering that area.

Hi All,
We have released ISE v81 in production:

Thank you very much for all the support.