Internet Security Essentials - Buy Now button instead of download link

All download buttons have been replaced by ‘Buy Now’ buttons on the ISE page.

For anyone needing to download it, the previous link was Download

They are doing it again. ;D ;D ;D

IMHO they should cancel the contract with this third party marketing agency because it’s clearly showing being incapable for this job. They seem to not know anything about Comodo products.

They replaced most Free CIS links to Free CAV as well. Comodo Website is still a huge mess.

Hi mmalheiros,

The problem with CAV download link on this page has been reported to the corresponding team. They will soon fix it.

Hi mmalheiros,

Could you please recheck CAV download link and confirm the fix.

The link for the free cis is still directing to Cav installer instead of Cis Premium. Best Internet Security Software 2022 | Antivirus Total Security

Still not fixed.

Yea I know that one works its just the link I posted is first link shown when doing a web search for CIS so wanted to point it out that its still directing to cav installer instead of cis.

Hi Born,

Thank you for Reporting.
The perplexity for the Free CIS download link issue has been forwarded to the corresponding team and they are working in it.


Hello Born & mmalheiros,

Could you please recheck the download link Best Internet Security Software 2022 | Antivirus Total Security and confirm the fix.
Thanks in advance!


Hi Dharshu - that link works fine now for the Free CIS . . . . also much easier to find :-TU

Many thanks

Same here.Working just fine now for free CIS.

Still not fixed.