Internet Security Database update/Scanning pop-up windows

Is there any way to stop Commodo AV-CIS from telling everytime it updates the virus signature database? And the scanning notifier? These two are constantly telling me inforation I don’t need and is annoying because they don’t “fade” from the taskbar area on their own…I have to close them manually. Also, I like others are having the issue where the scan comes up with executables I have deemed exclusions in the past. For some reason HP Games uninstall routines are frequent favorites for the excluson list to ignore and contiously warn me about…any fixes on the horizon for these and the other issues posted here? Thanks, Rick H.

UPdate notification cannot be disabled as of yet. The devs picked up on it it should get fixed some time down the line. I don’t know about the scanning notifier.

It is known that CIS will scan excluded files but it should not mention them in the final report. What exactly are the warnings you get? Can you post a screenshot of them?