Internet security = Commecial Anti-virus?

I am starting a computer repair shop and was wondering if this can be used for commercial use.

It says 3 user license but If I use one license for my business am I allowed to? I say this because in the EULA is says “Personal or commercial use”

I essentially need something so I can scan my consumers hard drives but doesn’t violate any agreement

If it’s not internet security, please point me to the right product.

Thank you very much!

if your just wanting the product so you can scan use comodo cleaning essentials
its about to be ga release its on its RC2
hope this helped

I’m essentially looking for either a free or paid (doesn’t matter as long as price is good) antivirus scan and removal program that I can use on other peoples computers, and charge them for it.

I don’t think that pre-released versions will allow me to do that however, I want to be legal in all situations here. I want to pay the programmers that spend so much time developing this.


Comodo Internet Security Premium (the free one) can be used for both personal and commercial use, meaning you can use it anywhere for free without violating any EULA.
Hitman Pro is better suited for cleaning PCs than Comodo though, so you should clean the PC with Hitman then install Comodo Internet Security to prevent further infection.

Oh ■■■■! That’s the best! TYVM >:-D

To add to the good of the world, all of the profits will be spent to building folding@home PC’s ;D

You can use CCE in a commercial environment from what I know. Personally I would use multiple programs.

CCE, hitman pro, malwarebytes, kaspersly bootable cd, GMER,

Hmm, interesting.

And I can use all of them and charge my clients for it? Seems weird. Thanks!

yes its great! its not really the products the clients are paying for its the knowledge that u possess to fix there machine.