internet security 2010

hey well a recently bought intenet security 2010 and it worked fine up until yesterday when i tried to turn off my computer and a warning message pops up saying that internet security 2010 has an " Access violation at address 7CA90F40. Read of address 7CA90F40. Dues to this it is hard for me to turn off my computer. i tried serching on the internet for possible solutions and a found some web sites where people say that this software is bogus and it actually gets into your computer to fake scans and it shows you that ur conputer is infected, which is exactly what it did with mine. i also read that the creators of this softerware charge several times peoples credit cards thats why i already cancelled my account. i already sent an email to the creators of this software and asked for help but they havent replied. if any of you can please help get that " Access violation at address 7CA90F40. Read of address 7CA90F40" i would really appreciated or if u have other suggestions of what i should do please let me know.

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You can remove Internet Security 2010 with MBAM and here is a guide.

Then install CIS for your protection. :wink:


Call your credit card company and block the payment to them. I would recommend canceling the card and get a new card too, since they have your credit card account number with the CVV2(the 3 digit numbers on the back of the card)

The sooner the better


Download A-SQUARED Free ( before running MBAM, fire your A-SQUARED first. I hope this Helps


For a thorough examination you can follow What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3 in case the mentioned solutions are not working.

Do you have any install disks? Maybe a re-install is your best option.

This can be a criter to get rid of as it usually changes the registry key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Winlogon

There is a key “Userinit” which should be C:\Windows\system32\userinit.exe, which will probably be set as something like winlogon86.exe (the virus you wan`t to remove)