Internet Security 2010 - IS2010.exe

Virus wars: My Brother-in-laws old averatec 3200 laptop had an AV that was from 2004!

The viruses: Internet Security 2010 - IS2010.exe, Worm.Win32Virus & spyware out the wazoo!

Removed old junk & used CIS, Spybot & MRT.exe … They did not kill everything!
I also had to use eset online scanner which helped a lot…

He also has CrappleSoft (iTunes JunkWare) on there…

One day after going to broadband it hits!

Should I move him to ubuntu 9.10?
He has lost the xp disk…

Will there be any problems with AT&T DSL wireless network in ubuntu?
Is there something for iTunes in ubuntu?

-Thanks, I play a little with Live Linux CD’s.

try also using malwarebytes and superantispyware (both have free version available), scan and remove anything they find, they should fix it right up.

If he isn’t overly into the latest games then sure, move him to linux straight away ;D
Itunes does not work on linux, There are however alternatives as with most windows applications on linux.;topicseen

!ot! I personallly reccomend Linuxmint over Ubuntu.

I would just reinstall Windows.

His disk was LOST

What about the hard disk partition? Isn’t there one?
What about the product key? Can’t he get in touch with Microsoft and present the problem?

Your best bet is to burn a copy of Ubuntu 9.10 and see whether it detects the wireless card (using the live boot option to test). Regarding iTunes, give Banshee a shot.

Rather that use Ubuntu, you may want to give Kubuntu a try. Interface is comparable, if not better than Windows 7 and runs nicely on my 1.2 GHz, 1GB ram tablet. Like Ubuntu, you can try the live boot option first before installing.

Btw, no need to worry about firewalls and antivirus software in Linux world ;D.


You can try the Dr Web Live CD to scan the Windows installation.

Don’t forget to use a-squared free. It’s probably a good idea to do a scan with Hitman Pro:

update: xubuntu (LiveCD) runs just fine on the laptop.
I told him xp is near death & skip a new disk. But he is a iTunes ■■■■■■.
Also comodo cis, spybot, eset online scanner, malwarebytes killed all network access in windows.
spyware is not a problem now 88)

Here is another kicker an old dell w/ Win2k & 129mb mem. needs to be online too. I spotted the same games/adware that stared the problem installed.
It was a used pc they bought from work. I don’t think they have the OS for that one too. Good luck with support ;}

I’m thinking of Puppy Linux or something like that for them?
They will need web/mail/office suite/simple games.

UPDATE: Xubuntu on the old laptop is awesome!

Puppy Linux LiveCD on the old desktop works good.

I see just one problem - no CIS for Linux >:(

Merry Christmas to all. I need some help with this IS2010 virus. I have Norton, and it missed it. Spyware Begone missed it also. I can’t even log on to windows anymore, it automatically logs me off before it goes into windows. Safe mode kicks me off too. What can I do???

You’ll need a second PC and a disk.