Internet really slow after installing CFP3


After installing CFP3 latest version, everything works fine except for the internet. It doesn’t matter if I use IE or Firefox the pages take forever to load. After uninstalling everything comes back to normal. Is there anything I should do to make it work properly. I’ve tried reinstalling CFP3 a few times with and without the toolbar. I’m running BOClean and CMF on my system but remove them when I install CFP3. I’m using Avast 4.8 as my antivirus and my internet connection goes through a Linksys WRT300N router to my cable modem. I’ve tried CFP3 about 2 months ago when I installed SP1 and had the same problem, I thought it was a bug but it is still occurring. Never had that problem before SP1 came out.

Windows Vista Ultimate X64 SP1
PC with AMD Athlon64 X2 4600 2.40Ghz
4.00 Gb Ram


Have you tried setting the firewall and defense + to learn mode? What about disabling both?

What happens?

No I haven’t. I’ll try it and let you know


Well no luck, my system froze after the install. Tried a system restore from safe mode but system kept freezing after the restoration. Hopefully, I made a backup two weeks ago. Well I think I’ll give up on CFP 3 for now and keep using BOClean and CMF with Vista firewall from now on. I might give CFP another try in the future after it has matured a little more.