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Hi I have Windows 10, CIS, comodo dome shield 1.3.08. CIS is basic default settings as well as comodo dome shield. I would like to know is there anything that I need to configure for CIS or comodo dome Shield, both are free versions, when purchasing items on the internet. If so please provide step by step details of what I need and how I need to configure the programs or is there anything else I need to download. Hope everyone has had a great summer. Thanks

u can just start seaching cruelsister comodo settings for best security for all
here u go Comodo Firewall- The Cruelsister Variation - YouTube
and malwaretips cs cruel sister

I download the video but I would like to know what should I concentrate on. I am assuming that for internet purchasing would be the part of “containment” and the “browser” setting or “virtual part”. I use comodo ice dragon or dragon as my browser.


you should concentrate to settings parts after applying all cruelsister settings you can run browser in sandbox aka containment and ready to go

may be you could considerate chrome/firefox addons ie. ublock /https everywhere/privacy badger/ decentraleyes/ disconnect/ netcraft /adguard /norton safe web malwarebytes extension they re all enough
and all internet purchasing and transactions could be done in dedicated virtual box for better security/privacy

sorry for bad english

Hi Grail,

You can use Secure Shopping for carrying out any online transactions securely which comes with CIS.

Secure Shopping provides extreme security for online banking and shopping by allowing you to connect to the internet from within a highly secure, virtual environment.

For more information, please check here about Secure Shopping.

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