internet or proactive security.

i currently have CIS5 set to proactive security.
my question is this.
what is the difference between internet and proactive security please?
i assume proactive is the strongest defence?
am i using the correct configuration or should i use internet security.?

many thanks.

bye for now. :THNK :comodorocks:

That page doesn’t apply to V5.

hi chiron.
what configuration would you suggest?
i have .

also in the firewall stealth wizard im using the bottom config-block all incoming requests.

any help would be nice here.

many thanks.

I’d switch your Antivirus to Stateful. You’ll get slightly better system performance for no loss in security.

Other than that I think my advice is well documented. The only thing I’m not sure on is exactly what proactive security changes, but I do know that it’s still at least slightly more secure than “Internet Security”.

Also I’d keep both the firewall and Defense+ in Safe Mode and the sandbox enabled.

Then the help file needs to be updated… :stuck_out_tongue: