Internet misfunctioning since installing Comodo Internet Security

Since installing CIS (with SafeSurf) on my 2 PCs I regularly get messages saying web page cannot be displayed (with IE7, Firefox and Opera). After several retries the web page loads. The problem was NOT present prior to loading CIS and remains even when CIS has been uninstalled. I cannot role back to restore points prior to the installation on either PC (they simply don’t work) but restore points after the install are perfectly available and work.

No virus or malware have been reported by runs of CIS, McAfee’s Stinger or RegRun.

My Wii (which doesn’t have CIS obviously) has no problem accessing the same web pages.

Am I alone with this problem? Anyone have suggestions of how to overcome the problem?

Forgot to say, I am using XP SP3 32 bit, The latest version of CIS and have RegRun 5.8 present on both PCs

Hello, welcome to the forums.

Is there anything in your firewall\defense+ logs?

Comodo → Firewall → Events

Nothing whatsoever to do with the problem. Tuneup Utilities and Stinger gets a mention in defense+ (for accessing Memory which is ok) plus Searchindexer.exe for modifying some keys and nothing at all in Firewall.