Internet Mind Control

I read articles like this and I always wish I could have a glimpse of the future
I may be cynical but I can see technologies like this been used for the wrong purposes
first a rat then us… next thing you know free thought is a thing of the past…

Internet mind control? Interesting, thanks for the link. What about TV? What about our food, medicine, water, air? Some allegations already flying about it. The Q here is do you trust your government? Paranoid or not… But I bet they would still fail to get the full control of the internet.

don’t get me started…
Trust the goverment haha that’s a good one lol :smiley:
I would like to think that as “bad” technologies are developed “good” tech’s are also developed and evolved to counteract them - one step ahead so to speak.
I bet some of the resarch thats going on behind closed goverment/military doors would make our hair stand on end :o
Real life mad scientists