Internet is becoming more and more dangerous

From a German magazine:

Internet is becoming more and more dangerous: hackers are using AI, or trying to.

There are also “there are more and more critical security vulnerabilities” to be found.

And it will continue to be more dangerous.
Criminals attack, valuable things.
Internet and our Digital lives are becoming more valuable every day. Hence it will attract more criminals.

Today: The only way people protect themselves is using “Detection”…

With Comodo, “NO DETECTION, NO PROBLEM” because you are still protected against damage even when detection fails. That is the innovation

Exact !
For me, anything sensitive (personal document) is encrypted by PGP, plus is on external media
Every day, every day…

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Just for info:
My intention was not to present other software, just to point out the increasingly sophisticated techniques used by hackers.
As I have often written, I was spared from malware ONLY with comodo for many years, despite all the bugs listed here (however useful they may be) and missed updates of many users.

Especially in the mobile area, hackers try to get hold of data because it is particularly easy and lucrative there, e.g. bank data. That’s why I don’t use a cell phone for this, they’re too insecure for me and too many permissions are required for apps to run. But fake, very good messages to customers on PCs via e-mails prompt the required quick and thoughtless action. But users here I think are much more wary of possible configurations like those suggested by cruelsisters for the benefit of comodo.

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Indeed, the only cybersecurity product in the world that can protect you without “detection” is Comodo.
Every other cybersecurity product relies on some sort of detection technique which we all know can never be 100% so guaranteed to fail.

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