Internet incoming connection

I’m a new Comodo user and trying to understand how this works.
If I create an application rule for Internet explorer to allow IP out
and just for testing purposes I create a global rule to block all IP in.
Internet explorer still seems to work normally. I’m just trying to see
how the global rules work for incoming. Since global rules are done first
for incoming connections, and I have a rule to block IP in, why does
Internet Explorer still work? I understand it should be able to do outgoing
connections but want to know/understand why the global incoming rule
isn’t blocking it? Just learning here! Thanks!

First of all the place of a rule in the Global Rules does matter. Global Rules are read from top to bottom.

Second. How did you define the block rule?

imagine the word “UNREQUESTED”. then you know, what is meant with “block ip in any”.
iexplorer will work, because it will receive REQUESTED packets.
thats the benefit of new firewalls. you just have to set outgoing rules, as long as you dont run a server…

its VERY usefull to have the rule “block ip in any”, you should not only test it :wink: