internet freezing

Hi, just registered, hoping that there might be a computer boffin who can advise me. I changed over to comodo from norton because I thought it was slowing down and freezing my search engines on the computer. Alas no, after upgrading my ram from 512mb to 2gb I have a very fast system , when its not freezing on searches, sometimes ok but today its sticking and I have to shut down every five minutes, very annoying. Anybody seen this before, maybe I’ve changed something or removed it by accident, any ideas please. Thanks. :cry:

Welcome to the Forum, Steveb561

Since it was slowing down before you added CIS, I can assume there is something loading your CPU. Does task Manager show anything using abnormally high CPU usage? Also, rescan your computer for any malware that may be using your resources.

Did you add 1.5Gb to 512mb with same vendor and model?
If you didn’t, it can make your system unstable.
(One of confliction between memories.)
Sometimes it makes your system freezing, bluescreen, , slow, unrecognized errors etc.
I don’t think it’s problem with norton and CIS.
Check the memories first please.
If you have same vendor and model, there will be other problem with hardware.
Your hardware and software detail needed.
Also, some of memories are unstable with particular motherboard.
You should check it out.

Steve, you don’t say what OS you are using. Assuming Windows, do you have the Windows Search service enabled? If so, try disabling it – Windows Search has crippled most of my systems.