Internet Explorer Vulnerability

A new vulnerability was identified in Internet Explorer, however this time it may effect other browsers as well, Firefox and Opera users are safe.

For more info go to the link below.

What are the chances that you had to run IE to install a Windows Update patch against this vulnerability and on your way you were hit by it? ;D

Opera 9.10 failed on my pc >:(

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Noscript extension for Firefox FTW :BNC

Well, of course you’ll pass if you disable javascript, but that can be done in any browser :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I just tested with IE6 and I passed after disabling Active Scripting :stuck_out_tongue:

Strange, I heard Opera had passed… I don’t use Opera so I can’t really comment on it, sorry :-.

Well, of course I passed with Opera, but only if I disabled Javascript. But a lot of legit sites need it so it’d be an annoyance to change it back and forth.

Hey! Just noticed you reached 1900 and I reached 900 posts.

It even says there that you have to have javascript enabled. Of course, that’s the beauty of NoScript, since it give you the power to quickly allow scripting if needed, and even the type of scripting as well.


Lol cool :smiley: