Internet Explorer version 9 stable (final) is due March 14th. ( Available now)

Hi all. IE9 stable is due March the 14th.

  1. Are you going to try it?
  2. Do you think it will be a success or a failure?
  3. Once it is out, and you have tried it give some feedback. Thanks.

My answers

  1. I will give it a try.
  2. I think it will be a semi success, and a big improvement on IE8.
  3. ? Time will tell.
    I know alot of people are anti IE, but I think this version has potential to surprise a few critics.
    Thanks and Kind regards.
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No, because it won’t run on Win XP. :wink:

I have been trying the RC’s, but i am so use to chronium/Dragon now that it just doesn’t feel right.

I’ve been trying the Beta/RC.
It’s an improvement.

But I use Firefox because it’s so configurable and has a ton of add-ons. IE9 hasn’t crossed that threshold.

And that’s why I won’t use it as the main browser; and that’s why I won’t consider any other one.

I’ll try it, but Dragon is my primary browser

  1. Yes I will try it.
  2. I think it will be a sucess and IE will once again be seen as a modern browser that support web standards.

A question back if I may. Where have you got the info that the final version is coming March 14?

Apologies if it is just a rumour, but I am sure it is not far off. This is one place That it is talked about.
Kind regards.

Thanks for the link… :slight_smile:

Another link confirming IE9 will be released March 14th (9:00pm Pacific time)

Thanks John for that link.
To everyone. I do think it has real potential if people can get past the I’m not using it because it is from MS syndrome. Thanks.
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  1. Are you going to try it? - No ’ already have… its a “firefox/opera wanna be”… they have looked at what the next guy already has and ran with it without the core ‘pride’ of the work…
  2. Do you think it will be a success or a failure? - umm… Duh! it’s going to be like IE8… just with a new number… MS is going to make it in the updates so everyone using 8 will be asked to update to 9… so it will be fairly successful …
  3. Once it is out, and you have tried it give some feedback. Thanks.

Please read answer to 1;
I never really liked microsoft’s browser… from 2 to 9…
I like open source…


The final version release date also confirmed here.

Edit- and MS also confirms the date now.

Just tried the beta and was positivley suprised. IE 9 is probably the fastest browser around these days and will deffenatly be my main browser in the future.

Cant relate to the quote below (at all):

  1. what have IE done in this version that makes them to wannabe opera/firefox?

And run linux I assume?

It will be a success because people will use it, but not by choice.

Why wouldn’t people use it by choice? Its probably safer than firefox and more userfriendly than opera. Also it seems to have the fastest javascript engine. And it support webstandards well.

It don’t have the dumbed down design or spying issue that chrome got. It (probably) won’t have the small userbase of opera (resulting in less compatible web experience). It seems like a really good browser when it comes to malware protection. It has great tools built in for webdevelopers so there is little to no need to install some third party application created by who know who that might or might not be kept up to date.

You would assume wrong :stuck_out_tongue: … I am running Windows 7… I do use Arch Linux as my main OS though (via VMWare VM) …

Hi Aweir. Everyone has a choice.

Sure , Jacob
Many users would assume that wrongly because they just don’t know quite a few/ … 88) rather many things (no offense intended) that’s normal for the ordinary user(s)

Linux as a main OS - definitely! No question about it

Only those users who are unfortunate enough and are compelled to use “Little&Soft” WinDos because of the development or alike, are tied to it & should use WinDos. I am one of them :frowning:

I do not not use it as my main OS. Linux - different flavours or Mac from day one to the latest in order to have fun & enjoy & windows for the developments required

Well, again 32bit & x64 versions … no advantages whatsoever when using x64 edition. That one currently is bluntly dumb piece’a’**** & slow,… but maintaining 2 editions of Java & no Flash64 (not MS OS or IE’s fault though) … & so on & so forth

I’m not using IE, but I always have the most recent versions(s) installed in order to help some users.

I feel that since they are still using ActiveX - they will be supplying “security tampons” forever

Let’s see how those ordinary users will manage “ActiveX filters” & other stuff


Hi captainsticks ,

I think that Aweir is right … meaning that sure - we have choices as you said , but unfortunately not everybody can choose because of lack of education in this area. Again - no offense, but just a fact

Many just would buy a PC with pre=installed system (say x64, which nobody currently needs) and start pressing some buttons

Some are willing to learn and that is laudable, but how many of them out there compare to 88) “just users” ? The latter category will use IE having no “Q’s” & needing no “A’s” … until infected


Not gonna happen’ for me if it doesn’t work on win xp. Besides, I’m a Firefox nation citizen, 'nuff said !

Hi SiberLynx. No offense taken. If anyone is already using IE8 by choice or not, I think only positives could come out of upgrading to IE9 though. Kind regards.