Internet Explorer TCP in port 80 Allow??

considering firewalls perform stateful packet inspection comodo firewall alerts for TCP IN port 80 while browsing the net. should i allow IE tcp in on port 80?? when the alert notification window comes up internet page loading gets stuck at that particular instance. IE needs to be closed and restarted again.

comodo firewall version = RC2 (downloaded from
alert frequency level = very high
network monitor set to allow udp tcp traffic in and out

Hi there, and welcom to the forums,

I guess your not running a webserver, so initially this would seem like a bad thing. usually when you are browsing your machine would send a request to the sites webserver on port 80, this would then be processed and returned to you on port 80. With the alert frequency set to high Comodo might just be warning you about ths fact that you have inbound packets on port 80. I’m not overly familiar with how the alert frequency works, so perhaps someone more knowledgeable in this area could advise further.

Also you aren’t using a final release, so who knows. BTW, RC4 has been out for a number of days, and if your having a problem with a beta or RC you can post in this childboard:,40.0.html.

No i’m not running a webserver. but somehow i think this is related to adverts on webpages or illegal tcp ip flags.

activity monitor shows all the traffic info. local IE ports 1024 or greater initiate the connection to remote port 80. reply however is not seen on local port 80.

thanx for the info anyway. every little bit helps. i’ll try the latest beta RC4 and post any related stuff on those beta forums.