Internet Explorer not registered... But running smoothly? [Resolved]

??? Alarm alarm !!! Well maybe.
I just experienced something that I am still not certain about in terms of significance, but it is to say the least, troubling me.

I recently began to have problems logging on to the infinitely buggy web-located Hotmail system. I utilize Mozilla (1.7 etc etc) and suddenly found that hotmail seemed to be blocking authentication using that browser. I found myself entering the correct password, again and again. How Microsoftable as I found myself forced into using my old Internet Explorer to complete the log-in process.

As I occasionally do, I decided to check how my allowed and blocked programs were stacking up in the Comodo interface and discoverd to my horror that Internet Explorer browser did not appear to be registered there at all. Now I am wondering if I am somehow lost or confused somewhere in the Comodo interface as I continue to find naviagating there a bit new and mysterious, but have as yet to find any vestige of IE mentioned. What is going on? How is Internet Explorer getting in and out? Is there something bad going on here since at the same time I have also found problems on Hotmail with my Mozilla browser? Have I somehow been hosed here?

I’d appreciate any reasonably qualified feedback regarding this.

here… kitty kitty. eRRoooowwww !

When you have automatically approve safe applications option selected, CPF will not ask you about known applications.


Ah well… I am here to set things straight and acknowledge my own error.

Yes it’s true, I appear to be finding myself lost in the Comodo Interface, and fortunately in time to update my error, I stumbled across the appropriate section where indeed I found that Internet Explorer was registered and it’s actions were being documented quite actively.

This is good as I have been liking Comodo Firewall quite a bit and the sort of magical passing through Comodo’s interface by Internet Explorer which at first appeared to be happening would have been a very unwelcomed event.

Apologies for my false alarm.

Thanks Comodo.

Here Kitty Kitty

Please, where is the appropriate section?

I’m a recent convert from ZoneAlarm and i too find myself lost in Comodo’s interface.

Hi, Thomas. Welcome to the forum.
While I don’t really know what you’re looking for, I will try to inform you where to find the GUI that kitty’s been looking at.

Both post at least involved in this particular sections:

  • The Application Control Rules [Main Menu > Security > Application Monitor]
  • Auto approve safe applications [ Main Menu > Security > Advanced > Miscellnaeous > Do not show any alert…]