Internet Explorer not openeing after installation of CIS [Resolved]

I have just installed CIS (latest) on a windows vista home basic 32 laptop, I am having one or two teething troubles. Since installing IE7 refuses to open (windows error message IE has stopped working) This also happened for firefox 3 a few times but after removing any reference to firfox from the computer security policy I have managed to get firefox to start.

Opera started first time but after closing opera then attempting to reopen it, it too now fails to open…

I will post this then close firefox then try to reopen it…I may be a while… (:NRD)

I have managed to get safari to open again by adding it manually to the firewall rules as a web browser but doing the same for IE7 doesn’t help…
Any suggestions???

Oh well I have had to uninstall CIS from the laptop as the problem just kept recurring. (:AGY) Firefox would open then refuse to open later, Internet exlorer refused to work every time and Safari worked only when I manually added it to the computer security policy, but then after closing it and reopening it, it then was stopped again. I run CIS on my Xp sp3 machine with no problems but my daughters laptop just doesn’t like it…maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am running Net Intelligence to monitor and limit her internet browsing. The problem even surfaced when CIS was turned off ( ie. exit CIS). The only other conflict could have been that I didn’t uninstall Kapersky just disabled any protection and told it not to start with windows, Kapersky didn’t show up in the task manager when disabled so I thought it would not interfer with CIS.

(:THNK)After a very long day trying to sort out the Laptop I finally admitted defeat and uninstalled CIS then rolled back to an earlier system restore point just to be sure.

Any suggestions from Comodo’s heroes would be gratefully accepted and maybe another day when I have nothing else to do I will try again (this time uninstalling Kapersky first and not just disabling it).

I am a big fan of Comodo’s products and have used them for many years and am dissapointed at this temporary setback. My daughter was without her beloved laptop most of the day and so I will have to leave it a while before I try again…otherwise I will get …“OH NO NOT AGAIN” from her…

Still the laptop is protected by Kapersky suite 2007, Spybot S&D and windows defender, behind the Nat router and any non child friendly websites blocked so she should be OK for now… (:NRD)

It sounds you may have blocked IE in Defense+. You can change the rules for IE here. When in the Main screen → Defense + → Advanced → Security Poicy. Make IE Trusted or at least Windows system application.

In case you have two or more antiviruses, firewalls or HIPS’es installed on one host you will obtain drivers conflict as a rule, despite of the fact are they enabled or not.

I tried removing CIS and reinstalling it (I even removed a few windows updates that had happened just after installing CIS) Internet explorer was not blocked anywhere I went through all the firewall and defence+ settings/configurations. IE even refused to open with CIS turned off or in antivirus, firewall, proactive or CIS mode. I think it was probably a conflict with the isnatallation of Kapersky that was disabled but not un-installed. I had only left Kapersky installed so as not to lose all the configuration settings I had with Kapersky. I think I may try again later but using Comodo disk shield to preserve my “Kapersky setup”. Un-installing Kapersky and installing CIS just a quick check to establish whether my assumptions are right.

(L) I have just reinstalled CIS on my laptop after first uninstalling Kapersky and then doing a registry clean and a restart.

The problems I encountered before have not resurfaced, so a lesson learned, always follow the instructions to uninstall and not just disable other firewalls etc when installing a new one. (:NRD).

Any suggestions as to which settings are most suitable to set for a ten year old to safely surf the web, access emails and use messenger would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reporting back the solution. Resolved = Closed Thread.

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