internet explorer issue

Hello all, as a brand new user of the firewall (instead of windows xp one), I was very happy with the results - once I became used to it and all the notifications stopped bombarding me. However, somehow I denied access to IE when Comodo told me it had a dangerous link to another site, so I denied it. Then I was unable to get onto the internet, couldn’t, of course, ask for help - so removed the firewall and now have the windows xp one on. I would like to re-install Comodo, so how can I get back onto IE if I make a mistake and deny a program that is downloaded?
Peter. :THNK

Hey Peter,

If you have acidentally blocked IE (or any other application for that matter), open CFP, click SECURITY - APPLICATION MONITOR. If you scroll down the list you should be able to find the blocked application. Click once on the rule for that app and delete it. Now, start the application and the firewall will pop up an alert. This time, lick ALLOW (and REMEMBER if you trust the application).

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. I actually deleted the blocked application, which didn’t help. But I didn’t start the application again because I couldn’t get back onto the net. The only way I could was to allow all traffic to get a web page - which of course is not good.
Iwiil download comodo again and try everything you said, if it happens again.
The complete sory was I had downloaded a demo game from fileplanet and when I went to play it, the firewall warned me it could be a trojan horse, etc, down at the bottom of the pop up - but the top of the pop up said it was IE. When I denied it, I could not get online. Even when I deleted the message. Does this make any difference from what I posted previously?
Thanks again. :SMLR

Sounds like the alert was due to IExplorer being launched by a different (not yet approved) parent app.

This ties into, or overlaps, the myriad new user complaints like "I kept getting popups even though I allowed suchandsuch and told the firewall to ‘remember’ it.

Parent (or component) checking is probably a novel concept to many new users.
The user confusion is understandable… and the popups should be more clear/precise
as to what triggered the alert:

[i]myGame is trying to launch IExplorer and connect to the internet.
You’re seeing this alert (and you need to allow/deny this launch)
because the firewall has not previously seen this launch combination
(or you didn’t permanently allow/deny this combination during a previous alert)
so the firewall doesn’t know whether you would approve such.

If you don’t care to be “bothered by” this sort of popup, you can
(disable parent checking for this and other applications, or reduce the firewall alert settings to medium or lower, or blah blah…)[/i]

Yes, I’m suggesting that the alert popups should be -=BIG=-
(at least 640x480, or even 800x600)

The app could, and probably should, also present the user with a notice “on the front end”, when a high alert frequency setting is applied.

The next version will be different with HIPS (designed to come with less alerts if the safe list is as large as we hope), so if lucky even the alerts will be bigger/clearer/re-sizable. It never hurts to put this in the wishlist if not already present.

As for now, please have a look at this topic if you want to have an idea on what some of these alerts mean:,6908.0.html

With Comodo, Alert Frequency will have no impact on this, as the two are not related. Alert Frequency would be better labeled, “Alert Detail,” as it pertains only to the detail of the alert, and thus, the associated Application Monitor rule. Very Low will only give alert when an application connects to the internet. If you Allow with Remember, that’s the last you’ll see of it; there’s no detail in the rule. Very High will trigger an alert for each different IP address, Port, Protocol, Direction for each application (which will be a lot of popups; it’ll kick on each website).

However, this issue is related to Application Behavior Analysis, which is separate and will trigger regardless of your application rule to allow (and the details thereof). Any thing check under Security/Advanced/Application Behavior Analysis will be monitored and alerted on if a violation occurs.


Yes, thus.

Your reply seems focused on the wording or labeling (frequency vs detail vs IwannaPony)

I posted to voice agreement with the thread starter. There’s a usability issue.