Internet Explorer Invisible Application [Resolved]

Happy New Year everyone. I am running Firefox and Internet Explorer (latest version) on my PC. When I access Firefox I immediately get into the application. When I access IE, I always get a message from Comodo indicating that IE is an invisible application. Thus far, I check allow each and every time I enter IE (it does not remember my responses) . How specifically do I make IE visible or if that is not the terminology, how do I let my IE open each and every time without Comodo stopping it for an answer. Thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome to the Comodo Support Forums,

Try going to the Application Monitor, select Internet Explorer, click Edit, then check the “allow all activities for this application” option, then check “allow invisible connection attempts” and “skip advanced security checks” and see if that resolves your issue.

Happy new year,

Thanks Justin, you are my hero. Your solution worked perfectly. Thanks very much and thanks for the incredible timing. Much appreciated ! Jonathan

Hello Jonathan,

I am glad to hear the solution worked! Don’t forget to stop by the forums every now and then, you may learn a few things, and be able to assist somebody else in need.

I will go ahead and mark this topic as Resolved.