Internet explorer iexplore.exe not showing up in application rules

I just upgraded to Comodo firewall 4.0. In my old Comodo firewall I used
to have an entry for Internet Explorer in my application rules that I could
In this version Internet Explorer is accessing the internet fine but there is no
entry for it in the application rules. Some of my other programs are showing up
correctly but not all of them. It seems some programs are accessing the internet
but there is no entry in the application rules. I’m just wondering
if there was a change in this version of CIS. Why some programs can access the
internet without an entry in the application rules when there used to
be an entry in my last version?
Thank you, CIS is the only firewall I will use!

I’m not using version 4 yet, but as I understand it, by default it doesn’t create rules for trusted applications.

exactly why, tested programs don’t create rules anymore becasue they are trusted. Especially something like IE. This is one of the ways they have reduced the pop ups from comodo. Why ask a question about a program when we know it is safe.