Internet Explorer History not Deleted using CSC

Hi. I installed Comodo System Cleaner and ran the Privacy Cleaner. Everything seemed to work perfectly, except when I restarted Internet Explorer I was surprised to see that none of my “History” records had been cleaned. I would think that this would be a fundamental aspect of the Privacy Cleaner function. It is easy enough to manually delete the History records using the IE inernal “delete” function - but I’m not sure that they are really (permanently) deleted. Is this a “feature” or a bug - or did I have something set improperly? Thanks.


 Did you used the Comodo System-Cleaner 3.0 beta version or the 2.2  version on the site?

Unfortunatley I’m not sure which version I used. I downloaded it from the Comodo web site. I tried looking in the usual places (“About…”, etc.") to see what version is installed, and I can’t tell. Even if I could find that, it may have been updated from what was first intalled and run the first time.


    If you download it from the site, it means it is the 2.2 version.
    We will investigate if this problem reproduces in the 3.0 version, because this version will soon replace the 2.2 version on the site.

Try Glary Utilities or CCleaner. I run both once or twice everyday. 8)