internet explorer forced closed with Defense+ on

I just recently installed CIS on my desktop. Now IE closes as soon as it opens. When I turn Defense+ off, no problem. Same with Chrome. There is nothing in my pending files folder.

In what mode are you running currently? Look under Miscellaneous → Manage My configurations and see what config is active.

Try deleting the rules you made for IE and Chrome under Defense + → Advanced → Computer Security Policy.

Can you show us a screenshot of the Defense + logs? They can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + alerts.

I’ve attached the Event log. When I look at the security policy (which I did not change), It says that they are custom.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Btw, I’m running in Clean PC Mode.

The config is Internet Security - Updated

You have very strict rules that almost choke IE… :wink: D+ logs report a memory access issue of IE with its self.

To resolve the memory access problem:

Select Defense+ -->Advanced → Computer Security Policy.
Scroll down to Internet Explorer, select Edit → Protection Settings.
Interprocess memory Access (Active Yes) select Modify → Add -->Now use Running Processes or Browse to point to Internet Explorer .
Then just “Apply” to each window as you exit.

what you suggested won’t work unless those CIS’ settings are designed with logical flaws or CIS has bug(s) which prevent those settings operating normally.

djohnson149 ,
to try to resolve your issue set “Interprocess memory Access” item under settings on your 3rd screenshot to “ask” → apply everywhere, then restart iexplore.exe and then Defense+ should give you warning “iexplore.exe tries to access iexplore.exe in memory” → choose allow and remember.
by the way, i would recommend you set everything to “ask” under settings i mentioned: blocking all activities of IE might broke it’s normal workflow in some way or another.


Your suggestions helped with regard to IE (thank you!), but Chrome still refuses to open. I applied the same settings there: All ASKS. And when I look at Defense+ events, nothing about Chrome. What else could be blocking it?

Is there a rule for Chrome in Computer Security Policy? If so, delete it.

Actually, I removed Chrome and reinstalled it, and it seems to be okay now. Thanks for the generous and helpful support!