Internet Explorer doesn't work after installing of CFP XP

I couldn’t show any internet web pages. I had no problems before with this excellent firewall. I tried install the previous version of CPF, but it didn’t solve my problem.
I was angry and installed the Online Armor Free.


Not meant to be offensive, but you’ll have to include some information about the problem. So… Could you please post your firewall and Defense+ rules for iexplore.exe?
Also specify what you mean with “not working”.


Hi vargai,

Váltsunk magyarra?

Igen, váltsunk !
Szevasz, eddig semmi gondom nem volt a CPF-vel, mindenkinek ajánlottam, de most a legutolsó verziót feltettem és a IE kezdőlapját megjelenítette, majd ezután már semmit sem tudtam megjeleníteni. Router mögött van a gépem.
Win XP Home.
Köszi a segítséget !

I have never had any problem like that. Did you click “allow” and not “block”. Did you make IE or FF a web browser.

I had minor problems with the net after the update, but when rebooted as one suggested, everything went back to perfection.

Thanks for your help. I reinstalled the CPF on my XP Home and it is working again well !!!

It’s important to reboot after updating to, even though there is no instruction with the update that you need to do that.

I think it would be a good idea to include the instruction on the next update (however small) as they have in the past.