Internet Explorer Defaults

Why Internet Explorer doesn’t use default settings by default?

i.e I use IE security settings i.e zones settings with their default settings i.e reset all zone settings to defaults.

But whenever IE is upgraded this setting is changed i.e all zones are at defaults but restricted sites settings is changed to custom, why? Is custom setting for restricted sites better than default or its a bug?

By the way, whats IE settings for security tab for all the zones when its installed along with windows? i.e Are the settings set to reset all zones to defaults or custom?

What you use, defaults or custom?

Hi naren,
Upgrades could upgrade the security settings to what is deemed the most appropriate and secure after recent research.
Much the same as an Antimalware update can alter settings.

Also using the reset defaults function has the ability to reset to the manufacturers custom settings with an OEM system including security settings.
The following quote is taken from the below link.

If any settings were created by the OEM before you received the computer, the Restore Internet Explorer Settings feature restores Internet Explorer customizations that were applied by the OEM in the initial package.
[url=]How to reset Internet Explorer settings[/url]

But if I set security to reset all zones to defaults why the upgrade change it? The upgrade doesn’t change any other settings.

You mean If I try reset IE it will give me IE defaults & not OEM defaults, right?

As far as I can tell resetting defaults will reset to the original install.
If it is an MS install, it will reset to standard defaults.
If it is an OEM install, it will reset to any customization’s the manufacturer set if applicable.
Now I am not 100% sure, but as far as I can tell any enhancements made to the settings from updates are reverted when reset is used.

Is reset all zones to default settings good or should I use the changed settings with the upgrade one?

Note - 4 zones are there. Trusted, Local Intranet, Trusted Sites & Restricted Sites. Upgrade doesn’t change the settings of Trusted, Local Intranet & Trusted Sites & keep them on defaults. Upgrade only changes the settings of Unrestricted Sites from defaults to custom.

What settings you use for all the zones?

Mine are just set on defaults, but I don’t use IE.

I have not researched or studied the settings much at all for the reason above.
As far as security goes I couldn’t be sure of the best recommendation, I best leave that answer up someone else with more knowledge about IE settings (sorry). :slight_smile:

OK, thanxx for your support & time.


You are welcome, I hope someone can help you further with recommendations for the settings.