Internet explorer crashes on windows 10 after comodo installation

Internet Explorer cannot be launched anymore after Comodo installation. Remove comodo solves the issue… Does someone know what to do to keep both working together ?

I have the same issue here. It seems the crash is happening in the cmdshim32.dll (version I searched a bit and found that others with the same crash not only had to uninstall Comodo Firewall, but also specifically Comodo Internet Security Essentials. I did get an alert earlier today to update ISE (and I did update) but I don’t normally use Internet Explorer, and my other browsers work fine.

Maybe uninstalling just ISE will work while keeping the rest of Comodo installed? I haven’t tried this myself yet.

I confirm the issue. Disabling both Comodo services (COMODO Internet Security Helper and COMODO Virtual Service Manager) solves the problem. Sad, they still didn’t fix it.

Please read before updating to Microsoft Update KB4022716(OS Build 15063.447)

Funny guy… After windows by some people is updated (automatically) he advised to not update.
I understand before I install any Windows update I need to visit Comodo forum and check if it can cause any problems? Very professional… I think it is time to look for another firewall…

Hi Nepcior2,

Can you please try this new RC build which solves IE crash after updating to Microsoft Update KB4022716 and we would happy to hear back feedback from you.

Kind Regards,

I would love to, but when i run update it says my client is actual, however i see still 6223 version. (Yes, i added entries to hosts file)

One hour later update was automatically found. Now IE seems to work properly. It does not crash, but by first run it was a bit long to see first page.