Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview

Well you can now test IE 9 Platform…

What do you guys think?

I have been forced to know IE5 and IE6 when installing Windows 98, 2K or XP, but only a few minutes:
only the time needed to install a firewall and deny them.

In these conditions, i am totally virgin to IE7 and IE8, and shall now add IE9.

Anybody tried this yet…??
I use Firefox 99.9% of the time…I did finally upgrade from IE6 to IE7 only because I found a work around for MusicMatch 6.5.

Remember that IE9 only works for Vista and 7.

And that, outside of “speed” concerns no one cares about (at least, not me), you should definitely, if you are using IE even only from time to time, migrate on security behalf, if not to IE9, at least to IE8.

Had a bit of a play looks rather promising, lets hope MS get I.E 9 right and make it a really good browser. I still think I.E 8 is slow and takes too long to open new tabs. That’s why I’m using CD 88)