internet explorer 8

anybody yet received ie 8 through windows update. any info when it will be delivered through windows update


I manually DL’d the release version 8.0.6001.18702 from MS Update.

Just go here: and download. :slight_smile: I find IE has always been better installing on it’s own like this than through Windows Update.


Looking good here… very nice browser! ie7 had to look like this in the first place! The same way Vista had to look like Windows 7 in the first place…

i checked windows update manually but theres only 1 critical update of 248mb of .net. theres no ie 8 in custom update too. u mean to say u downloaded it from microsoft site.

They sent me a newsletter last month with a link to update.

Here is the direct link to download Internet Explorer 8

Open the above given link then select your Country and Operating system then click on the “Download” button

Microsoft Has Begun Pushing Out Internet Explorer 8, The Latest Version Of Its Web Browser, To Windows Users Who Are Signed Up For Automatic Software Updates From 30th April 2009.

yes i got it