internet explorer 8

I tried installing the firewall after installing ie8 & got an error message saying network protection was not available or something. Uninstalled ie8 & reinstalled comodo & everythings ok now it seems.

May be worth investigating

IE 8 is beta so not really. Better off waiting till its official. Never install beta software unless you wanna pay the price.

Well I have cfp v3 and ie8beta w/o any problems. The firewall was installed first. Moreover I have just installed sp3 for windows xp, with cfp enabled (installation mode of course) and everything is working fine. Oh my firefox is a beta too. And working fine. Maybe Im lucky.

Be advised that you will not be able to revert back to IE7 (or IE6) if you have installed SP3 for Windows XP. You should have received a warning prompt about this prior to installing SP3.

SP3 doesnt give you IE8. I installed SP3 on 4 machines now and went well. No IE8 was installed either.

ie8 beta was a separate download…as Vettetech said, ie8 doesn’t come with sp3. Moreover, if you had ie6 prior sp3, even after installing sp3 it wont touch ie6, in other words it wont upgrade it to ie7. In case you are using ie7, when installing sp3 it will only apply to ie7 the latest patches but nothing else.

Thanks Blas. I have IE7 already but never use it. LOL.

I didn’t use it neither. Nor I use ie8 now. I was just curious about what new can version 8 show me. But its still just sitting there ;D

I prefer firefox 3 :wink:

I never said that SP3 installs IE8 Beta.

To clarify, if you have IE7, for example, and install SP3, you will not be able to roll back to IE6. The same holds true for systems with IE8 beta installed: if you install SP3, say good-bye to IE7. You won’t be able to revert back to that version of Internet Explorer. In other words, to revert back to a previous version of IE, you must perform that operation before installing SP3.

Ah ok. Sorry if I misunderstood. Well I haven’t tried that. Tbh I don’t really use ie so I don’t care much about reverting back. But what if I uninstall ie 8 for instance and d/l ie 7 and install it. Isn’t that possible?

Try and keep on topic pls…