Internet Explorer 8 security test on the new "SmartScreen security filter"

Watch this AMAZING test on IE 8’s new “SmartScreen security filter” very very impressive indeed.

And note that it’s NO Antivirus or similar installed on the system during the test!

Posted on Youtube by Matt from

Internet Explorer SmartScreen Filter Vs. Malware - YouTube <<…

Thanks Matt!

Cheers, J_G

Good stuff mate.

It depends on the Microsoft signitures though. If you don’t use those…

No you use those signatures automatically when you are using IE8 no settings to change,
or add-ons to install.

Basically, when you use IE8 your using “SmartScreen security filter” wheter you want it or not :wink:

Wich means you don’t need to install Windows-Defender or similar MS products you got those signatures anyway!

Tell me if i’m wrong anyone 88)


Found this:

SmartScreen’s reputation-based analysis works in concert with other signature-based anti-malware technologies like the Malicious Software Removal Tool, Windows Defender, and Windows Live OneCare, in order to provide comprehensive protection against malicious software.
Original article:

Trust them to add a few strings to the browser.

Here’s more info about the SmartScreen security filter.

However, Matt that did the review in the video did (NOT) have Windows-defender or any other security app installed. It was a new clean virtual system.
Wich means that the signatures had to come with IE8 and nothing else!

But it’s still recommended to use an AV even if your’re using IE8 of course :wink:

It shows that Microsoft probably want IE to stand out as a securer browser! =)

Security is pretty much what has made alternative browsers big.
Now it looks like FF and similar has to respond somehow. =)

EDIT:: ofc this blacklist solution is no way near 100%.
CIS however is.

  • is this in the windows XP version also? (eg safer browsing in IE7 was vista only) I fail to see why I don’t get IE8 as a “automatic update”. It’s a great browser, but you have to get it manually… =/

IE8 is really faster than IE7.
I like IE8 than IE7.
And can you here the screaming from web developers?
Web developers say “PLEASE~~~~~Upgrade your IE to IE8”.
Because it’s really hard work to develope stuffs working both IE 7 and IE 8.

IE8 beats IE7 in everyway… I don’t see why its not released as a general update by MS…

According to Internet Explorer - Wikipedia

18.36% still uses Internet Explorer 6…
And 46.54% uses Internet Explorer 7…
Only 0.83% uses Internet Explorer 8…
I think that says something about how good people are at updating their softwares… =/

As to firefox “almost” all users is using the latest version… Firefox - Wikipedia
Updates needs to be pushed or users won’t install them… FF pushes on every lunch “hey there is an update”… =) :wink:

Good good!

MS keeps you protected! ;D :wink:

The softpedia link is for .18702. I have been running IE8 for some time and my version is .18762.

OK, I have IE8 installed, and the filter is disabled by default. I think I know why.

Supposing you’re right and the signatures were installed with IE8. To remain efective, they need updating frequently, just like any other signatures. IE won’t download them, they don’t come from win update, so how are they obtained?

Seems the smartscreen filter is useless without one of the participating apps.

MS keeps you protected!
Yes, after a fashion.

Is IE8 still not had a final release?

It’s not showing up in Windows Optional Updates yet.


It will soon.
Currently MS only has it available from their website. check the above links.

Cool thanks…

I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that IE8 will only ever be offered by MS as an application download and not as an update to IE7. Not sure of the reasons, but can’t say I think it’s a bad thing. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for clearing that up…

Currently using FFox and occasionally IE7 as IE7 is my default. I have though about a move to Opera but that’s an entirely different “browser war” topic…


I’m currently using “The World” browser (, which is a “wrapper” for IE, like Maxthon. Lots of nice features - worth a look Eric.

Ewen :slight_smile:

This link, posted by JoWa says it will be available, but not as an automatic install. You will need to opt in to install it when the notification through AU is received.

8 has been final for some time now. I’ve seen it offered as an update.
If you want the download page for XP…

These browsers are not a wrapper. They are a complete app in their own right.