internet explorer 7 connection issues...

Hello Comodo users, A friend just got a new laptop, they are wi-fi connected. I deleted the trial program of McAfee security suite & installed comodo firewall and AVG 7.5…After d/l & installing initial ms updates successfully, am not able to connect to internet via explorer 7, immediately I try to connect with firefox 2.002 — no problems am on line. (the explorer plug-in for firefox also does not work & gives me the same error message as the browser.) Have done system restore & it does not correct the problem. The operating system is xp pro 32 bit. Have uninstalled Comodo & tried ZA free & just the microsoft fw with same results. The computer is a Toshiba laptop. I don’t believe its a firewall issue because can still connect with firefox. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

Thanks again g3b

Oops, The connection issue was an explorer configuration prob…resolved step by step connection wizard. g3b


Fresh copy of Windows!!!
That’s the only way to actually “roll back” if an error occurred.
I’ve used windows “system restore” and it did not quite gave me the result i wanted…
And by deleting u meant uninstall, right! Do a registry clean up is you can!!!
But the best and the safest remedy, Fresh Copy of windows!!!
This is Windows we are talking about, (:TNG)

So, did you get it all straightened out?

Or do we need a sledgehammer…? ;D


Instead of having to do a complete re-install I would suggest using Acronis True Image. One you have your OS installed with critical updates, programs and your running smooth as silk, make an exact disk image of your operating system and store it on a seperate partition on your hard drive. That way iinstead of a reinstalling your OS which takes quite along time just restore your OS system and your back in business in about ten minutes.

or else create an unattended cd. U can use a software like nLite

This is somewhat “not so easy” process… But u gotta do it just once, that’s it…

U can get all the help from here…