Internet Download Managers

Are Internet Download Managers good?

Any of you using 1?

Which one is good?

Do download managers may affect the internet package i.e compared to normal browser downloads, internet download managers may reduce more MB’s of your internet package?

I am using Free Download Manager, it is free and working fine for me. (Downthemall for firefox as well)

Internet download managers provide pause and resume facility, resume on failed or broken downloads etc. and they increase the download speed to some extent, but not beyond the maximum speed provided by your ISP.

They do not effect the MB of the download either.

internet download manager paid one but best in market ;D

In the website it mentions xp sp1. Not for vista or 7 64 bits?

Edit - I installed it. Are autostart with windows & dropby in the right hand corner required for normal use i.e downloads through browsers?

I prefer JDownloader.

It works perfectly with Win7 both 32bit and 64 bit.

They are not required and are optional. you can disable them if you want.

Thanxx for the info.

How to set FDM for Firefox? It does not appears when I download with FF.

!ot! It’s an option in FDM, it used to (been awhile since I ran FDM) install a component into FF.

I cannot find any option under settings. I find one monitoring browsers & I ticked FF but not worked.

OK. I’ll ask the Dev… no, wait… wha… ?FATAL-ERROR Forum not found (404). :wink:

I Flash Get works fine with Comodo

I checked & FDM is not compatible with latest FF.

With FF’s accelerated development cycle I guess this was always going to be a problem with apps like FDM.

idm is the best for me i`ve been using it for quite some time with cis and no problem at all!