Internet Download Manager can't connect to host [RESOLVED]

I did a few searches but nothing came up so it may just be me with this problem. I’m running Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1. I’m running Comodo 3. Windows firewall is OFF.

I downloaded and installed Internet Download Manager (IDM) and when I try to download it tells me it cannot connect to the internet. I’ve uninstalled this and installed it several times with the same result. I tried a different download manager (Rapidshare Download Manager) with the same result. It seems the port(s) it wants to use is blocked.

My question is, how do I get around this problem. I hope you can help since I’m the only one posting this problem.

Thanx in advance


Download Managers don’t use specific ports. They just replace the downloader used in your browser. Dont pay for any download manager. I use Free Download Manager when needed. I got a D+ alert when I first used after that it works. Have you tried putting D+ in training mode? Have you tried to manually add your manager to the firewall and D+ as trusted. I highly recommend FDM.

Do you have IDM set as an FTP client in network security policy? Check the view firewall events log to see what is being blocked. If you are doing http downloads you may need to set it as a web browser.

I never had to do that sded. I have FF and IE set as web browsers. FDM simply takes the place of your exsisting browser downloader. I simply made FDM trusted in the firewall and D+.

I like free. I use Firefox and I don’t know what prevents IDM from doing it’s job. As far as training mode goes, I’m sitting in safe mode. Not sure when it got there but that’s where it is. But in I can drop this IDM with a quickness but I need one that will work for me. I’ll look for D+ or whatever it called and hope for something better.



Use FDM…best one around.

Trusted is less restrictive than ftp client or web browser, so will work fine for FDM. I use FDM also.

Got it, loaded it. It seems to get out but I only get a few bites back. I use rapidshare (premium) most and there might be something I have to configure in this just yet. I’ve checked the settings and they all seem ok but not working for me yet.

Good looks on the heads up though.


There is no configuring. All I ever did was install it and it works.

Something is crazy then. Maybe it’s a Firefox issue. I’ll launch IE and see if I can isolate it more.


I use FDM with Firefox. You need to download and install Flashgot for Firefox to make 3rd party download managers work properly. With that plugin you get the option to download regularly or use FDM.

Ok. But if I install Flashgot and still have this as an issue, I’ll get rid of this version and UPGRADE to 2.0. 3.0 might need some tweaking yet. I hate doing that but this is beginning to bug me more than Vista.


That was what I needed. FlashGot done got the downloads to come on down. Give that man a raise.

Thank you much.


Your welcome. Glad I can help. Anything else?

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