Internet Disconnected randomly after installation of CPF

hey everyone. this firewall is great, but there is one thing that i think it does to my computer. whenever i download a file, firefox freezes at the end of it, and my internet does like a restart or something. it will disconnect, then reconnect. if i disable comodo when i download, nothing happens.

Thanks for the help

Welcome to the forums Bond799 (is that like a mini me of 007 :wink: )

Can’t say for sure why this is happening, but you could try going to D+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy and deleting any rules for fx, then recreating those rules when you restart fx.

Allright james,is this happening all the time as it did it to me a couple of times.I changed firefox in Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy, by highlighting it/edit/check use a pre defined policy and highlight web browser/then apply to all windows.

It`s not done it lately so i dont now if this is just coincidence,anyway give toggies method a try first to see if that has any effect.

Regards Matty

thank you for the replies. it dosnt happen all the time, kind of random. i changed some stuff with comodo, and it seemed to have helped alittle. it could also be my internet it self. my cable has gone out a few times and its the same provider for my internet.

windows will give me the LAN disconnected error, then right after it goes away it give me the limited or no connectivity, then its fine again.