Internet Dependency

How long have you gone without checking your twitter, facebook, blog, and or youtube view charts? (:NRD)

Have you been at a beach and kept thinking about who might be emailing you back at your computer? (:KWL)

I’m on youtube almost every day\every 2nd day. Myspace… As much as my girlfriend tells me too…lol.
Comodo forums- Everyday, Religiously.

No I have never been at the beach and thought about if someone is emailing me :slight_smile: that’s sad. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m very inactive at Facebook…but my blog is updated often.


I don’t use any of the websites mentioned, but I’ve been without Internet (or a computer) for like 6 weeks, because the computer was broken, and the reparation took ages. Luckily, it was during the summer holidays, so it wasn’t such a big loss. And I could always use my friends’ computer. :slight_smile: