Internet Connection

I have a problem sharing a printer between two computers. I will try to explain the best as I can as I am quite noobish with the whole PC/network stuff. I believe I have found the source of the error, however I’m not quite sure so that’s why I’m posting this. So here I go:

This is my scenario:
I have two computers linked up to a linksys router that I would like to share one printer. The printer is connected to my old computer. I also did the first-time router installation in that computer. This PC is connected to the router using ethernet cable.

Now here’s where I believe the problem lies. I got a new computer which I connect to my router using an ethernet cable as well. However, my new computer doesn’t seem to recognize the router and says that it connects to an ‘Unknown Internet Connection’. The Comodo firewall accepts local inbounds and outbounds from the same address (or router).

Now, I dont know how to change my internet setup so that the source of my internet connection in my new computer is labeled the same as my old one. (connection comes from the same router) Anyone know how? Or, perhaps know what my ‘real’ problem is and the solution for it? =P

Oh, and both PC’s are XP SP2 Pro

This may sound like a ‘general’ help, but I can’t seem to find a place for it, sorry.

You router needs to be configured to include the second computer before you install CFP. CFP needs to have the network running before it will recognize and set up the network zone for your network. Even if the zone is set up, if the router has not been configured, the addresses may be wrong or even conflicting with the other computer.