Internet Connection Sharing using Comoda Firewall Pro


I have recently downloaded and installed Comodo Firewall Pro 2.4.

I have Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) setup on my desktop PC (the host) but after installing Comoda firewall pro I can no longer use ICS. I want to connect a laptop or Playstation 2 to the internet using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). Both the Laptop and Desktop are running Windows XP.

I have looked through the forums and found a few articles regarding ICS but they were to complicated to understand.

Can anyone provide a step by step guide how to do this as when it comes to networks etc I’m a complete beginner.

Your help is appreciated.


on the ics computer use trusted network wizard and add your slave pc card.

on slave pc use wizard and add ics pc card.

it should work them, if use dhcp, try for the first fixed ips.

then play and dhcp should work.


I tried using the trusted network wizard but it didn’t seem to allow ICS.

“on slave pc use wizard and add ics pc card.”

I can’t do this when connecting the Playstation 2 though, any ideas how to get round this.


what ips do you use, fixed or dhcp?

use for the first fixed ips.

you can add more trusted networks or rules to host pc. 1 for lappy, 1 for ps/2

how is the ps2 added? what ip it have?


How would I go about finding the IP address of my PS2?