Internet Connection Sharing Problems


I’m having problems setting up Internet Connection Sharing while using Comodo free firewall. I’ve created a trusted zone on the PC (host) that connects directly to the internet for the Local Area connection which the 2nd PC will connect to to access the internet. But I still can’t connect to the internet.

I was going to try and set it up manually but I have a quick question - When adding a ‘network control rule’ is the “Source IP” the IP address of the host PC or the IP address of the 2nd PC?

And I’m guessing that if the Source IP is the Host PC details then the Destination IP will be the details of the 2nd PC?

Sorry for the basic questions but I’m new to networking.

I would appreciate any help on this issue or on how to successfully setup Comodo firewall to use Internet Connection Sharing so I can connect a 2nd PC/Playstation 2 to the internet.


Hi Yorkyuk,

The problem is your firewall prevents your 2nd PC to obtain an IP, i think the firewall is being too pedantic. i have tried all suggested methods and didn’t work so i tried the below crude method and it worked.

  1. On your Comodo Firewall pro Control Panel at the bottom of left of this screen you have “Computer Security Level”, move the dial from “Custom” to “Allow All”.

  2. Now go back to your 2nd PC open a DOS Window by Clicking on Start button, select run then type “CMD” in the “open” field.

  3. On your DOS command line type “IPCONFIG /renew”, there would be short delay then your 2nd PC would get a new internal IP. If process is success and your 2nd PC is connected to the internet. Return back to Comodo Control panel and move dial back to “Custom” or whereever it was to start with.

If the above fails then consider assigning a local IP to your 2nd PC.

Good Luck


Thanks for the advice Acton140,

Just a few questions:-

How would I go about assigning a local IP to a 2nd PC (Laptop)?


Sometimes I connect my Playstation 2 games console to my host PC so I can play online. So is it possible to assign a local IP to the Playstation 2?

Hi Yorkyuk,

At your 2nd PC (Laptop), open your LAN connection, click on the “Properties” button, now single click on “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” now, click on “Properties” button.

Click on “Use the following IP Address” in the “IP Address” field enter “”, enter “” in the “Subnet mast” field and in the “Default Gateway” enter “”.

Now, Click on “Use the following DNS addresses” and in the “Preferred DNS Server” enter “”, leave the “Alternate DNS Server” field blank.

Health warning; I have made alot of assumptions which you might discover, so please if you have questions don’t hesitate to asked. Below are a few assumptions i can remember;

  1. Because you said you were using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), i have assumed that your PC connected directly to the is “” which mostly Windows would impose on your - perhaps under uncommon circumstances this might not be true but very rare.

  2. My instructions are based on Windows XP. However, they would work for all Windows including Vista.

  3. A big assumption on my part - you don’t have any other PC connected to your ICS connection yet therefore i am chose an IP address of for your 2nd PC (Laptop). Now if this IP address is already assigned then you just need to change the last octal, ie, .5 to any number between 2 and 254 which has not yet been assinged to other PCs or devices on your ICS network.

For the simple reason that device IP Addresses must be unique otherwise there would be conflict, by this i mean if you have 2 devices that have the same IP addresses then the network wouldn’t know who to pass infomation to. Just like 2 houses in the same area with the exactly same address would cause confusion with mail sorting.

I hope the above helps.