Internet Connection Sharing Problem

Hello. My network is as follows: A host computer running CPF and a client router. The router dishes out IPs to every one of it’s clients as needed, but my problem it this: The client router cannot get an IP address from the host while “Network Control Rules” is turned on. As soon as I turn it off and renew the dhcp address on the router it is issued an address. After that I can turn “Network Control Rules” on or off and my client computers connected to the router can use the internet at will. The only time that I seem to be having an issue is with the DHCP on my host giving my client router an IP. I tried the wizard which added the two extra network rules, and that is what allowed my computers connected to my router internet, but didn’t help with my IP address issue. Any response would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hi, what is your ip range set in CFP?


allow ports 53 and 67 from your LAN ip range