internet connection sharing (ICS)

I have my laptop and my desktop connected using a direct line. I installed comodo firewall 3 on both computers. During the installation the firewall detected the local area connection and I added them to my trusted network zones. I’am able transfer files between the computers, however, I can’t use internet on my laptop.

I used “internet sharing connection” in windows, which is working fine with windows firewall. When comodo firewall is working, I can see in “firewall events” that the firewall is blocking the IP of my laptop which I have in my “network zones”!!!

Why is the firewall on my desktop blocking when I’m trying to connect to internet, while I can access files on both computers???

Any Help???

Four of us brought this problem up a few days ago. We still have not found a solution to this problem. May I join you in hoping that a fix is found in the very near future!

Please bear with us for a few days more. The developers are aware of this issue and it will be addresses.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I have experienced a similar issue to that, in my house, with the difference that was 2 desktops instead of 1 desktop and 1 notebook (but this makes no difference), and I was using a proxy/internet gateway (Winconnection) to share the internet connection.

I get to solve the issue creating a global rule allowing connections (IP protocol) in/out from the single IP of the other machine (the another one, not the server), to destination “any” and IP protocol any. Of course, I have answered “yes” when CFP have asked for access of the proxy/internet gateway.

I had the same issue with my laptop and puter… dunno what i did but it has seamed to fix itself lol

I have another Question about it tho… i have since added another computer to my network with Win 2000 on it, it connects fine, i even get on the net lol, but i want to know can i block it from accessing the internet without switching off I.C.S (my laptop needs to be on the net). but also the comp i want to block needs to be able to route through my main comp to my laptop for music and files etc.
is it possible? and if so how? ty