Internet connection sharing blocked

I upgraded to v3 yesterday and as all the settings got removed I lost my internet connection sharing that I had working with v2.

My setup is like this. My main computer is connected to the internet and is sharing the connection to another computer through a second network card.

Comodo found the network and made the rules at setup, where i also checked the setting for internet sharing.
I also used the stealth ports wizard to trust my network zone.

Currently I can browse the network and ping the computers from both sides, but the second computer cant access the internet.
If I check the firewall events I can see that svchost.exe from the second computer is being blocked, and I think that’s the problem.
Anyone know how to fix this?

I’v got exactly the same problem (:SAD)

Both, desktop and laptop are running on Windows Vista Business 64bit

Been struggling with the same problem.
see for my solution,although not 100% sure it is secure.

thanks stormraider for pointing me to svchost.exe, that led me to my solution.